Is there only one type of laboratory?

What do you think when they say the word laboratory? Half of the people imagine a place of blood samples, the other half a place with white walls with some experimental animals and some scientists. Although this is half true, they are not the only references we can find.

These spaces can even be places full of computers where several engineers sit to try different programs and codes. In a laboratory they are born from the cure for various diseases to the latest fashion web applications. Even video games have a part that passes through a laboratory: the area of ​​quality control and testing.

An investigation is not something exclusive of mathematicians, physicists, chemists and doctors for a long time. The areas are extensive and as much as that, the types of laboratory you can find. Some people devote their lives to research, and what better way to do it than the area they are passionate about? There is no reason to think that, since you have not studied one of the aforementioned careers, your life will never be linked to study and research.

The best thing is that there are places like Kalstein, where you can find a huge amount of material for a variety of laboratories.